Monday, 16 May 2016

Gift Aid and dandelions ...

Dandelions are persistent garden weeds or charming wild flowers - depends on your point of view. Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC) are money-sucking vampires or a wonderful body of people who devote their lives to supporting small charities like GOES. Again, depends on your point of view! I'll settle for charming wild flowers (then I don't have to waste time pulling them up) and wonderful people who help GOES!
So, sorry for the desert of time unruffled by my blogging ... I'm trying to convert the back garden to a very small wild flower meadow. I did initially suppose that I could leave nature to her own devices and that one morning I would wake up and see a sight of breath-taking beauty. Not so. I'll try to give M.N. a helping hand.
 I knew from past experience that claiming Gift Aid would involve some effort on my part. Oddly, and I know that I'm tempting fate, this time it seems to be going (fingers crossed) fairly well. True, I had lost both my HMRC Identity and password, but I cried for help and both items arrived last week. The GA site opens up, I've managed to download the practice claim sheet. I haven't managed to fill the details in yet, and the form itself looks like gibberish but I'll keep trying. But not any longer today: it's time to watch 'Pointless'  and read the paper.
If you're thinking of helping GOES you might like to buy one or more (there are 7 of them) of the Malinding series of eBooks from Amazon. The first one, Empty Bananas, has been re-written recently. It almost makes sense now ... almost!
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