Saturday, 5 January 2013

Bad news - the remedy GOES on!

I mentioned, a few posts ago, that there was good news and bad news: well, good news is obvious, I suppose. People we've been able to help with medical problems are improved; people we've helped with their education show us their certificates and diplomas with justifiable pride (they did the work after all!)
We're about to buy the third bicycle to enable another student reach a distant school. We hear the people who asked our help to repair storm damaged houses are, as I write this, taking delivery of sand and cement to repair the damage with more durable building blocks.
 We haven't yet received information about the bank balance of a group of young people in one of the villages who had asked our help with an ambitious project a couple of years ago. The fund raising in both the UK and the village had been going well - at least up to January last year. I December we took enough money with us to complete the project but the bank book failed to present itself for inspection. The money wasn't wasted - the clinic's water bill was paid, repairs funded for some school equipment, bags of cement and loads of sand delivered, as detailed above. I'm just so very sorry for the young people of the village who had hoped to see their project completed. Maybe next year, if ever we find out what happened to that bank account.
Meanwhile, does anyone know of a source of good quality wheelchairs, preferably in The Gambia?