Thursday, 20 September 2012

Odds & Ends

Bit of a mixed week; work progresses on the next book, the fourth in the 'Malinding Village' series. This has the working title of 'The Alkalo' (The Chief) and is the story of Sirra and Ed's life together.
We've finally signed off Jenny's form for her Duke Of Edinburgh's Gold Award - she's managed the setting up of our web site and completed the application forms for GOES charitable status. Fingers crossed (don't need to - she's worked very hard for us, bless her!)
Bob and Lynn have offered us a large suitcase to pack the extra baggage Thomas Cook have allowed us - T.C. have been very kind to us over the years.
Don't know how much longer we can keep GOES going - a few more years, we hope. We just don't seem to be getting any younger; strange, we work hard enough at it!
House is a bit upside down, due to repairs to the kitchen. Thanks to family who have fed us during this time!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Stories for Gambian Children

From 3/9/12 for five days the ebook 'Stories for Gambian Children' is on free release from Amazon Kindle books. I was shocked a few years ago to hear that traditional storytelling was dying out in some areas of West Africa so I thought I'd add a few ideas of my own. They seem to work across national boundries - after all, a story is a story is a story! So, here you are - a pre-Xmas gift from GOES!