Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Quick update on slow progress!

Title says it all. We've been trying to catch up with our writing - letters of thanks to our supporters and with the books - hopefully the books will raise money which will in turn help us to help more people ...
I really must get on with the Gift Aid claim to HMRC. We rely on this to start the financial year off.
Providing that a person who donates, say £10 is a tax payer we can claim back the tax she/he paid on that money and the total gift becomes £12.50 - it's a real help.
The spare bed, which was clear when we returned (everything you gave us went with us to The Gambia and found a new home) is filling up again with donated goods - medical, educational & clothing.
So, things are happening. It just doesn't seem like it at times! I really must produce another Newsletter too.
Bother! Forgot to mention that the efforts of Jenny & Paul have meant that in addition to this blog we now have a website
Good things are happening!