Saturday, 31 December 2016

2016 moves on to 2017

A split second, in this case a leap second, and we're into a new year, a new month, a new phase in our lives.
2016 saw joy and sadness. There was death, there was new birth. We all move on. I'm thinking about our Gambian friends, and wondering what the future holds for them. We pray that there will be peace, a chance for all to have health care and education, be free to love whoever they wish, a chance to live under democratic rule, where each life is valued equally.
I would like to be able to welcome Gambians back into the Commonwealth, if that is their wish. I would like to see them able to travel the world, to visit the UK if they wish, to be valued as important members of our country and culture, to have similarities acknowledged and differences respected. We are all equal members of this small world.
I wish to pay tribute to all who have welcomed us into their homes, fed us, cared for us an made us feel that our friendship is valued, and look forward to seeing us again.
Thank you all, friends, for you kindness, love, help and advice. We wish all of you Good Health, Long Life and Happiness. We love you all.
Joyce & Tom

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Girl on Wheels

Just in time for Christmas!  The latest book in the Malinding Village series about life in a Gambian community, Girl on Wheels, is available now on Amazon Kindle books.

Jodie, the girl on wheels, first appeared in the opening chapter of Empty Bananas, the original Malinding book. Now you can read her autobiography, starting with her life with her mum, through the tragedy of being an orphan, then her life in care, her troubled times ... and on to Africa!

As with all the series, all income is paid into the GOES account and from there to help fund education and health care in the Gambia.

The village is imaginary, as are the people who live there, but the details about life in the Gambia are accurate.

Hope you enjoy the book!

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Shameless advert for Malinding Village ebooks

Should be a link to the advert on Amazon for the first of the series (I think there's about six of them now!)

I do tend to get these things a bit wrong ....

All money from the sale of these books is placed in the bank account of GOES - Gambian Occasional Emergency Support - and helps clinics, schools and individuals in The Gambia.
We have local agents who authenticate appeals for assistance from people we don't know and, of course, we travel out there at our own expense once or twice a year to see how things are going.

The books are a mixture of travel information disguised as light romances set in the imaginary village of Malinding, set on the South bank of the River Gambia. We should warn you that if you follow the directions to the village as given in the books you will get very wet, possibly eaten by crocodiles or hippos, in addition to which your taxi driver will be very very cross and if you survive you will certainly have to buy him a nice new car.

You can learn a little about local customs, food, dress and places of interest.

Do go - it's a peaceful, gentle country with lovely people, great food, and if you go once (remember to get the best anti-mozzi tablets - you'll probably go back time and time again. We did.

Best wishes,
Happy travels,

Friday, 2 December 2016


Congratulations to my friends and all Gambians, for a peaceful election and change of president. May we wish all of you happiness, prosperity and long life.