Friday, 10 June 2016

Every penny counts!

Hi Tom,

Hope all is well with you and Gambian Occasional Emergency Support (GOES). The sun is shining and your supporters are shopping, so I'm here to help you make sure they don't forget to collect donations for Gambian Occasional Emergency Support (GOES).

See how Gambian Occasional Emergency Support (GOES) is getting on:

£159.85 raised so far
£1.13 raised last month
£5.11 raised in the last 3 months
3 supporters
0 supporters signed up last month

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Jodie's hard at work!

That's Jodie, in the bottom right hand corner of the window. She's not best pleased. In fact, she's several miles away from being even slightly pleased. I knew it was a mistake to encourage her to write a book by herself. Just because she features in the opening pages of 'Empty Bananas' (you did get your copy a couple of weeks ago when it was on free offer? Good.) Just because she was pleased to see herself in print she thought she could write a book. Well, to be honest she's had a very interesting life. She's seen some very tough times and she's coped brilliantly. I tried to give her a few hints but, fair enough, she wanted to do it her way. She was busy every day, managed to use Word without too much trouble, wrote and re-wrote, read it aloud - sometimes at half past two in the morning. Then, she 'lost' half her work. Possibly didn't save it, possibly didn't have 'auto-save' on?  Who knows? Bear in mind that she's a fictional character herself, it can't be easy working in a factual world!
Well, she's still there, in the shed at the bottom of the garden, tap-tap-tapping away. Honestly? Would I lie to you?
best wishes,