Monday, 20 February 2017

Kindle Paperbacks

I'm in trouble again! My attempts to convert 'Girl on Wheels' and 'Empty Bananas' into paperbacks seems to have come unstuck - no fault of the very kind people who have been helping me, all my own fault. I managed to obtain 5 copies of Girl before it vanished but Bananas seems to have sunk without trace! Fingers crossed some angel will wave an electronic wand (e-wand?) and all will be well. I'm 81, so I'd like something to happen fairly soon .... something good!

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Life goes on.

I hope life is calming down for all my friends after the change of president. The new man seems to have the interests of the Gambian people at heart, and that must be good. The communication systems seem to be functioning again, and the transfer of money is back to normal. Schools are open and education and health care appear to be carrying on effectively.
The students we support have returned to their studies and we have stopped worrying about the welfare of our friends for a while.
GOES is creaking back into action. The bank balance is growing, slowly buy certainly. In another month we'll be putting in our annual claim for Gift Aid - that's the return of tax paid on money which has been donated to us. True, we're a small charity but we are registered for Gift Aid and that money makes a tremendous contribution to the work we do.
Another volume has been added to the Malinding village saga. 'Girl on Wheels' was published in e-book form on Kindle and will soon be available as a paperback. Empty Bananas is almost converted to paperback and in time all the village books will be available as either e-books or paperbacks. Many thanks to Nicholas who set me on the path to publication and sorted out a host of problems with patience.
It really is time I sorted out some photographs for this blog. My skill set has a long way to go!
Belated best wishes to you all, live long and proper.