Friday, 25 February 2011

Back to packing!

Managed, with the help of Michelle at Thomas Cook, to find a short trip to Badala Park that fits the pocket. She even tolerated our (well, my) shameless attempts to scrounge extra baggage, children's clothing, reading glasses, medication - all the things that are worth their weight in gold in Sub-saharan Africa. We'll be able to see how the building work at the school is going and to visit the students we sponsor and inspect their college and school reports.
Most important of all, we'll visit the many friends we've made over the years and enjoy their hospitality and swap chat about our families.
Not been to The Gambia? Please consider a visit - yes, it is a third world country but it can teach us a lesson or two about respect for other people, and how to enjoy life.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Urgent Invitation to Contribute

The out-goings of G.O.E.S. are in danger of exceeding the in-comings! This is not a good state of affairs. We will have to content ourselves with funding our existing projects, and reluctantly have decided to decline to taking any new commitments until the financial situation improves. We are very sorry about this, and we know that many people will be disappointed.

If you would like to, for example, fund a talented high school student through college we can put you in touch with one. We recently had an application for funding a nurse through her second year at uni, and from a young man for similar support for an IT Diploma course.

Please, we need your money! Well, the young people I've mentioned above are the ones who really need it. Can you help them, please?