Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Mrs Horija Dibba

GOES has been supporting Mrs Dibba while she studied for her first degree, then for her Master's, at the University in Uganda. We helped in a number of small ways and were continually delighted by her successes.
We had been corresponding by e-mail for about four years and finally met this December at the Badala Park Hotel in Kotu.
Mrs Dibba works with the charity ChildFund, supervising twenty five nursery schools in The Gambia. Here she is, in her own school, surrounded by fortunate young students at the start of their academic careers.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The clinic at work.

Sorry, couldn't resist this - the clinic is already doing excellent work and a supply of piped clean water can only improve the results. We hope that by the time we visit again, probably in March next year, we'll be able to show you the completed installation. Thanks to all of you who helped bring this about.
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No title!

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Signing the receipt.

All three sign the receipt for the donation from money raised by Vale Royal Writers Group and Joyce's bike ride.
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The money!

Tom hands over the money which will pay for the installation of a piped water supply to Mariama, the nurse in charge of the clinic. K, in the background, witnesses the transaction.
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Water - part two

Water at last!

Water comes to Mandinari Village. Perhaps not one of the most pretty sights in the world - unless you live in a village which has never had running water. This storage tank stands beside the road from Lamin to Mandinari.

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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Posted by PicasaAlmost packed - well, I did say 'almost'! Thanks to Laura at
Thomas Cook's for the huge suitcase.  Thanks to so many
others for donations of reading glasses, children's clothes,
shoes, books, bandages, blood-pressure monitors, SD cards -
and money, of course. Sorry - I forgot the stuff for the schools.
Of course it will all fit in!

A very happy Joyce, having completed the 40km
ride in good time and finishing 650th out of 950 riders!
She has raised more than £200 for the charity -
many thanks to all her supporters.