Friday, 10 February 2012

Good times coming?

Well, we hope so. I've struggled with the technology and managed to put a short book of short stories - 'Stories for Gambian Children' - on Kindle. It's priced at 77p because I couldn't find a way to put the price lower! Who knows, it may lead to great things! Anyway, any profit goes to GOES. When the final final on the three novels about life in The Gambia has been completed I'll try their luck on Kindle too. Let me say now that none of the characters in any of the books is based on any real person - they are purely fiction!
Meanwhile we're waiting to hear about progress on the installation of a water supply at the clinic in Mandinari, and also that work on the bantaba in the compound of the nursery school is finished (it was only a matter of tiling the floor).
We're looking for a cheap flight to Banjul before the rainy season starts.  Can't wait to get back there and meet old friends and new. Best wishes to all,