Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Another page from the newslettr.

Where does the money come from???

I wish we knew - or at least, where it's going to come from in the future! I suppose that it's natural in the charity world to worry about the future - there will for ever be a need for resources and money is a prime resource. Food, clean water, shelter, education and health care don't come cheaply nowadays.
So, many thanks to all our contributors! The collection tins bring in a steady amount - thanks to Borders, Hatters and Snips! Not only for the donations but also for the interest and support.
Thanks also for Easysearch (like Google but donates 0.5p per search) and Valued Opinions (market research which pays from 50p to £2 per questionnaire answered) and Ebay.
Of course thanks to Joan and Bob and Val and Ruth and Richard and Sarah and Sheila and VRWG and everybody else (you know who you are and I'm not mentioning those of you who have asked not to be mentioned).
Credit crunch or not we promise to carry on.
Today I was looking at articles about owning 'only' a hundred things. I look around our small but hugely cluttered little house and feel ashamed. Many of our friends in The Gambia would consider themselves wealthy if they owned a hundred things.
Good health, long life and happiness to all of you.

Thursday, 23 July 2009