Saturday, 23 April 2011


Sorry to report that Mariama - Glynn Jones - who has worked for SHINE Africa, the charity that builds and supports nursery schools in The Gambia, has had to be repatriated to the UK following a serious illness. All her friends wil be wishing her well and praying for her speedy recovery.

Friday, 15 April 2011


Ebou and Tom shake hands as we welcome him to the team. Tom wants a T-shirt now!
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Our local agent.

Ebou and Tom. Ebou has recently agreed to be our local agent. This will save us a lot of leg work - and worry. We are very pleased to welcome him to our team.
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Jones Nursery School, Mandinari

A rare view - only one child in sight. The school, built by SHINE, has been supported by GOES and other charities. The co-operation seems to produce the best results for the children of the village. The new classroom, built by a Dutch couple, blends in perfectly with the original structure.
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All hands to the bantabar!

The headmaster lends a hand - it looks just like lego but it's a bit heavier!
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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Happy Gardening!

Remember a couple of years ago when GOES, with your help, established a garden in the compound of the Jones' Nursery School? Well, it worked! The children and staff can now enjoy fresh fruit (We can testify that it is delicious). Congratulations to the staff of the school - they have worked very hard to produce such fine crops. And thank you, because you provided the money to make it possible!


This serious looking young man is the same chap who was so badly affected by a horrible skin rash last year. Thanks to you we managed to buy the correct ointment to end his misery and he now looks forward to a career as an international footballer star! (There's a spare tube of cream, just in case ...)

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Missing pictures.

I haven't really got the hang of all this technology yet!

The important thing is to thank each and everyone of

you, here in the UK and in The Gambia, for your

support and encouragement. It wouldn't have been

possible without you.

Bantabar/classroom/market stall!

Here's our latest contribution to Jones Nursery School at Mandinari Village. This will provide a multi-purpose facility for the school - a shaded story-telling area, a meeting place, a covered market stall for selling the school produce (the bananas are delicious) or just a quiet place for staff and visitors to relax and drink green tea ... Apart from SHINE (which built the school and GOES, which provides support, other charities and individuals provide help. A Dutch couple provided the new classroom on the extreme left hand side of the school building.

The boots arrive!

... and here they are! Demonstrated on the feet of a very enthusiastic young footballer. He explained, at length, the virtues of these particular boots, named the famous players who wear similar boots (and the teams they play for) and even attempted to interest his sister! Thanks, Bob!

One of our supporters checking the goods!