Friday, 21 September 2018

Very belated update :-(

I miss the sounds of village life. I miss the scent of my favourite food cooking - many of you will know what that is! I miss sitting under the shade of the mango tree, chatting to friends, to people who have, over the course of many years, become as close as family to me.
  Last time I wrote in this blog I wondered what would become of GOES, now that we are probably unable to travel to Gambia again. That was four months ago. We have found that we can manage for the foreseeable future to run a restricted service, concentrating on the villages we have helped in the past, people we know already to be reliable and trustworthy. We regret that we cannot take on new clients.
  We will continue to make the same contributions to GOES funds, and, considering that we will sadly, not be spending our money on flights and hotels, perhaps increase our funding. Perhaps also I will be  able to spend more time publicising the books I've written about Malinding Village, more money will flow into the bank from increased sales! (You have bought all of them, of course? Bless you!)
  We rely on the help of a few of our close Gambian friends to ensure that the money GOES donates to the schools, clinics, and students is wisely spent. If we find that it is being wasted or fraudulently used we will close the charity and donate any remaining funds to another charity elsewhere. It does seem to have worked reasonably well during the last four months, so, with fingers crossed, we'll continue 😎
  Best wishes to all of you,
Tom and Joyce