Friday, 27 June 2008

Alhagie's progress

The boy with the bad leg (aka Alhagie Sarr) can now be known simply by his name! He will be discharged from Bakau Clinic on Monday, having made a good recovery from his operation. It's been a touch nerve wracking trying to co-ordinate all the arrangements at a distance of three thousand miles. A very slow postal service, an eccentric 'phone system and lost emails all added to the excitement. Ousman, Alhagie's big brother did a grand job of co-ordinating, giving blood and general hand-holding. Many thanks to Vale Royal Writers Group, who have made this possible. The group agreed to all income from the sale of the prize-winning anthology going to G.O.E.S. That income paid for X-rays, medication, operation and accommodation in the clinic. Without this 'kindness of strangers' Alhagie would have had to endure the amputation of his leg.

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Sunday, 22 June 2008

Operation at last!

We heard today (Saturday) that Alhagie has at last had the operation to cure the bone infection in his leg. It was delayed from Friday because of a shortage of blood, so his big brother donated a pint. Alhagie has been moved from a single room, where he was lonely and possibly frightened, to a shared room with a television. He was amazed to be asked what he wanted to eat - then someone brought it to him! In the state hospitals relations bring in food for patients. He will be in the clinic for two weeks. We'll keep you posted. Thanks to Vale Royal Writers Group, who donated income from the sales of their anthology "The Cheshire Collection" - good work, friends.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Fingers crossed for Alhagie.

Alaghie is tonight in the clinic waiting for the operation that will hopefully change his life for the better. By this time tomorrow we should know how it has turned out for him. Lots of people here, three thousand miles away, are willing him to come out of it well - Vale Royal Writers, family, friends and numerous supporters.
As soon as we have news we'll let you know.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Back on task!

Sorry about the absence. Looking after J, hospital appointments, visits to relatives and finally a holiday! We'd forgotten just how beautiful the Lake District is. We found a delightful B&B in Keswick, five minutes from Derwentwater and lazed as hard as we could for five lovely days.
Back to dealing with the charity. We can confirm that the money for Alhagie's operation has been paid to the clinic and by the time you read this he will be installed, examined and x-rayed ready for his operation early next week. Our fingers are still firmly crossed but it does seem that things are at last happening.
We've had a nice email from Horija - GOES has been supporting her while she has studied at Kampala University for her Master's degree - she's submitted her thesis and is working with refugees while she awaits the result.
Fatou Cham, another of our supported students, has graduated from High School. She invited us to her celebrations but we sadly had to decline.
The old lady (Tom's age!) has had the first of her cataract operations and is delighted with the result - wants the other eye done now.
The price of rice continues to rise, as of course does the price of fuel. We pray that one day prosperity will visit this lovely tiny country. We still don't know we're born here in the U.K.