Thursday, 28 April 2016

I should be writing another book ...

... but there's a family of Robins between me and the writing shed and I 
mustn't disturb the babies!

Sorry the picture isn't brilliant but they chased away the window cleaner too!

However, we have managed to do some work: we finally managed to deliver a donation raised by our friend Stuart to the school he's sponsoring in a small village. Usually Bayba works very quickly, same or next day service, but things went wrong this time and it took a couple of weeks to settle things.
Perhaps you remember the baby boy with a suspected cancerous growth of the eye? With the help of #VRWG (Vale Royal Writers Group) we supported the family on their trip to Dakar (Senegal) to have successful treatment and we've just sent them back for another annual check-up. The little boy is fine but we need to make sure.
More money has gone to families to make sure that this year their homes will be water proof - soon be the rainy season.
I mentioned a while ago we were ready to claim GiftAid (return of tax paid on donations) but HMRC didn't recognise last year's passwords? I've just received new ones from them so tomorrow is Gift Aid Day (as soon as I can find the paperwork ...)

The revised, edited, corrected, apologised for version of Empty Bananas, the first in the eBook series about the imaginary Gambian village of Malinding is back on sale. Yes, I'm dropping hints! might find it. (I'm not good at this link thingy - there must be an easier way!

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