Friday, 22 April 2016

Odds and ends and starting a new book ...

I had hoped to have sorted the Gift Aid claim (a scheme enabling charities to reclaim the tax paid on money donated and altogether a jolly good idea) by now but HMRC didn't recognise my passwords and ID so are having to issue new ones (I had to prove that I'm me and GOES is a genuine charity ...)
So, I'm using the time to a) re-publish the properly edited version of the first of the Malinding village series, Empty Bananas. This went well and the chapters now read in the correct order. If I can proof that this is a major revision Amazon will give everybody who has bought the faulty version the new edition. If I can't, I'll put it on free offer and inform everyone via this blog.
 b) I've started a new book, hopefully not so full of faults :-) about one of the characters, Jodie Sonko.
Jodie is a young Anglo-African woman who has to cope with all sorts of difficulties and set-backs. When I've completed the first chapter I'll give a preview here.
 All income from the sale of the books is paid into the GOES account before setting off to The Gambia to help people.

PS - if you haven't yet read Empty Bananas ... it should be safe to do so now! 

ooops! That was supposed to be a link taking you directly to the book. Drat.
Just Google Amazon then search for Empty Bananas
Fingers crossed!

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