Thursday, 16 April 2015

Just a Reminder ...

... that mosquitoes still bite and that bite can kill you. In the worry (justified) about Ebola in West Africa perhaps we lost sight of another killer - Malaria. It's back in the news here in the UK because there is concern that one anti-malarial drug, Lariam, can cause problems itself. It appears that some members of the British forces have had bad reactions to this drug, which can cause serious mental problems to some people.
 Other drugs are available - we use Malarone and have had no adverse reactions - and we haven't had Malaria either. Always consult your doctor. Take the anti-malarial drug prescribed, don't miss doses and you'll be properly protected. The Gambia is a wonderful destination for a holiday or voluntary work (surprising how often one becomes the other!). Take care and you'll be fine: enjoy the hospitality, meet the people and remember to haggle when booking a taxi.
 That was the free advice, now for the commercial! The Malinding series of e-books, available from Amazon, contribute to the funds of GOES (Gambian Occasional Emergency Support). Goes helps Gambians with grants for education and health care. We also support Banjul Hospital and Mandinari Village Clinic. Please buy as funds are a little low at the moment - we're waiting for HMRC to check our claim for Gift Aid - but the need for support persists. The books cost a couple of pounds each and if you're considering a trip to The Gambia can provide an introduction to village life and customs.
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