Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Back to School !

:-) But what a school - Gladstone's Library in Hawarden, Flint, North Wales. When William Gladstone retired from politics at the end of the nineteenth century he decided to give his collection of books to the nation so the 'Readers without books may meet books without readers' (or words to that effect. It was suggested that he build his library in London but he built it in the village where he lived (Yes, he lived in a castle but it was in the village!) He and his family gave the money to build the library and it's said that he wheeled his books across the road from the castle in a wheelbarrow.
The library has grown and grown and now has a chapel, a lecture room, several smaller meeting rooms, twenty bedrooms and a cake shop. Well, it's a complete restaurant with home-made food and the cakes are excellent too.
:-) So that's where I went back to school today. The class, four hours long, with a break for cake, was about publishing books. I perhaps have mentioned the Malinding series of e-books which helps to support GOES? Yes? I thought so. This course explained how to adapt them for other e-readers and even how to publish them as paper back books with real pages. Yes, my brain aches and yes, I should be completing the Gift Aid claim, but J and I had a super day, met some very interesting people, came home with lots of ideas, and we will be back at work for GOES tomorrow. Honestly.
Best wishes,
Tom  :-)

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