Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Election Fever?

I'm being inundated with mail from some Tory chap called Cameron who wants me to vote for his party. He really should get his algorithms adjusted. I'm a socialist, nearly 80 years old, taught for 34 years, was a milkman (complete with horse), laboured in a power station, a soldier (reluctant) for 2 years, engaged in voluntary work since the age of 25, co-founded and run an anti-poverty charity for 12 years and am now a member of the Green Party. How in the name of Almighty Trudget does that equate with a vote for the Tory gang? Oh, and I've read The Guardian every day since the Suez crisis. Cross? Me? You wouldn't like me when I'm cross ... and he addresses me as 'Thomas' ...

Sorry for the rant - I've copied this from my Facebook page so, sorry to the people who've had to read it twice. I do feel very strongly about the self-centered, self-seeking candidates we now have to tolerate at the highest levels of government. They have a low opinion of those of us who take the trouble to vote, imagining we are all of their mind-set: they suppose we are rabidly anti-foreigner, that the only immigrants allowed into our country should be multi-millionaires and that our own poorest people - and there are many poor people in Great Britain - are only worthy of contempt and scorn. They are reluctant to send help to Africans who risk their lives to find a way into Europe by the back door because the front door is closed to them. As I said, sorry for the rant. Some of us do care.
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