Saturday, 27 April 2013

What's GOES been doing lately?

We seem to have been busy! I may have mentioned the writing business once or twice? That is going quite well, and the Malinding series of books have found their way into all parts of the UK, the USA and odd places in Europe - there's even one somewhere in Japan!
The next two books are underway; one is the story of Ed's eldest son, now living in England and married to an English girl - first baby expected soon! The other book is an anthology of my poetry; it's time it was all in one place (the waste paper basket, do I hear you cry?) so I'm compiling an anthology just so I know where everything is.
On the money front we must really go ahead with the Gift Aid claim from HMRC - 25% tax back on all authorised donations. Comes in very handy - every penny goes to Gambians in need.
We've made donations to a couple of people we know to help with starting small businesses - market stalls, small-holdings, that sort of thing. We've provided a young woman with the means to buy a decent wheel-chair and given a grant to another to help re-roof her house before the rains start.
We've helped a village clinic re-stock its medicine cupboard and provided a new wheel for a gardener's wheelbarrow. We've contributed to school and examination fees and to funeral expenses as well.
We've managed to do this with the aid of people we know and trust - thanks to all who have helped (you know who you are!)
Time for a cup of tea (wish I could brew Ataya - one of the many things I miss when I'm here and not there!) and back to work. Thanks for your time.
Did I mention 'The Alkalo' of Malinding is on free offer - Amazon Kindle e-books?

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