Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Mussukunda re-born!

The second book in the 'Malinding' series is in the process of re-publication on Kindle Ebooks. It has a new cover and hopefully all the typos have been corrected. I'll let you know when it's on free offer so that all of you who bought the faulty first edition can see how it was supposed to be! I'm now working on the revision of the third book - 'The Mechanical Girl' - and the the last (I think!) book in the series - 'The Alkalo' - will be available.
Last year the books brought in about £200 - that's to all of you who bought them at the full price ($1 or 77p). The amount that Amazon passed on to the charity - 35% of the sale price - went into the charity account. Money doesn't linger long in the bank vaults! Today I sent £100, via Bayba, which will help maintain a clinic, make a contribution to the wages of a small school and repair a house.
I wonder if increasing the price of the books an Amazon would bring in more money? What do you think?
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