Sunday, 21 April 2013

The best laid plans can go wrong!

Today was the day I hoped to add 'The Alkalo' to the list of ebooks based on the imaginary Gambian village of Malinding. Just one more read through, I promised her, then you're on line to find your way in the world. Just one more read through: I noticed a number of 'ghost' blank pages. Impossible to delete, the cursor wouldn't click onto them - there were more by the minute.
Close 'Word', remove usb stick, shut down the computer - and try again. Worse this time - 'Word' crashed every time I scrolled about half way through the document.
Lots of searching on-line for a solution. Managed to get rid of the ghost pages (View - on-line layout - scroll document) Ghost page vanished but Word still crashed. Drat, bother and trudget! Will I have to re-type 80k words?
Just one of those days, I guess. Better luck tomorrow?

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