Monday, 1 April 2013

Want more money!

I know, I know - so does everybody else! It would come in handy, honestly! There are children in need of school fees, older  students wanting to enrol on IT courses, people with medical needs, schools needing refurbishment, clinics wanting to re-stock their medicine cupboards, unemployed workers who would like just a little capital to start a business, villagers hoping to have just a few bags of cement to weather-proof their homes before the rainy season starts.
 We need a fund-raiser! Unpaid, of course!  6Or donations can be made via the GOES web-site, or money can be +popped into our collection boxes at Hatters and Snips in Warrington, or you can buy the 'Malinding' e-books, available on Amazon Kindle (you don't actually need a Kindle as it's easy to load them onto PCs and Laptops ...
 I'm busy re-editing 'Mussukunda' (should be doing that now but I fancied a tea & biscuit break), which will be going on-line later this week - the book, not the tea break!
 It seems like only a few days since we returned from The Gambia - a couple of months, in fact - but we keep in touch as much as possible with our friends through texts and Skype. Ah well, back to the grind-stone ...

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