Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Slow boat to somewhere ...

We need a break. Too many late nights filling in forms for the Charity Commission, Gift Aid, writing newsletters, seeking advice about how to set up a fool proof Web site - so we're off to frighten the ducks with a friend's narrow boat for a few days. We've sent a copy of the newsletter to the local paper in hope of a bit of publicity, told the dog he's going on holiday and done a frantic shop so we don't starve. We've sent school fees to Ami, Fatou, Lamin, Haddi, Bubba and the twins. Awa gets a bag of rice, Adama has her hospital fees - we're up to date with the important bits. I'll write some letters for N'fally, Ma, Mamie, Sulayman and Ousman. Maybe even a couple of chapters for the book. Do canal boats steer themselves? Let's try to publish a picture. Wow - it worked. She's Abi. We paid her mum's medical bill when there were complications. Both fine now.

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