Monday, 24 September 2007

Back to work at last.

Great boat holiday. Managed to cover 28 miles and work 14 locks in fourteen days. Explored the Grand Union Canal (well, a few miles of it) visited some beautiful villages, spent too long in some very friendly pubs, met some lovely people. There's something about boating that attracts wonderful laid-back folk with time to talk and chill out.
Home to the emails. Lamin, at Lodz University, has problems with his visa, Ousman almost passed his final teaching qualification exams, Ami must have her school fees - and my barber is holding a car boot sale to raise funds for us. He'll guarantee a minimum of £50. I'm searching for a cheap flight to Banjul so I can visit some schools and hospitals and take out some medical equipment friends have given us.
The Co-op Bank account is up and running, the application for Charitable status is almost complete and we've got information on how to apply for Gift Aid, which will mean an extra 28% on every donation from tax payers.
We promise that we cover our own expenses, so that every penny of every donation goes to The Gambia.
We've sent our local newspaper a press release, which, if published, will hopefully attract interest, funds and volunteers.

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