Monday, 3 September 2007

GOES moving on - slowly.

Setting up a Charity is hard work. We imagined that all the effort would be concentrated on raising money. Not so. Cash is coming in at a steady trickle. It's the form filling that's the head ache. Setting up an acceptable bank account, keeping accounts, filling in the forms from the Charity Commissioners, finding out about Gift Aid, promising to do an hour's form filling for every hours spent on enjoyment. Thank goodness for horrible rainy days. Meanwhile, the requests for help roll in. Horija would like support, Haddy's mum wants her to start school, Eba's house is falling down, Bubba (the deaf & dumb little boy) needs special help - The Gambia is full of deserving cases, all genuine. We know these people and it's heart-breaking to have to say "No". Gift Aid is essential; we will get a tax refund of 28% on all donations made by tax payers. That will be a wonderful help to people. We need a web site but haven't the foggiest idea how to set one up - more research. If we can afford a trip out there in October/November we'll be able to take out some medical supplies we've been give, together with a load of children's clothing. Must find out how to post pictures on this site ... Help.

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