Thursday, 6 September 2007

Ebou's emergency.

Just about to leave for holiday, check emails. One from friend in The Gambia telling us Ebou is attempting, madly, to enter Europe. So dangerous, so often fatal. Young men pay all their money, hand over passports to alleged agents who promise to get them safely into Europe and find them work. Young Ebou, a man who didn't get an education, fatherless, responsible for his aged mother, for his brothers and sisters, longs to find work so he can care for them. He is reluctant to accept 'charity' and wants to work. There is no work - so the 'solution' is to emigrate to Europe. Everybody in Europe is rich - there will be lots of work. He will not have to beg.
And, if anything goes wrong, will I adopt and care for his son?

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