Tuesday, 19 January 2016

We never sleep!

Well, of course we do - mostly! We received a call for help in the very early morning a couple of days ago. The head of a small village school had been let down by her sponsor and the money for staff wages hadn't arrived. I'd visited the school on several occasions and found it to be well run: the teachers were all qualified and the classes fairly small and hard working, with lots of laughter and eagerness to learn.
As it happened, the previous evening Joyce had given a talk about education in our home town. She hadn't expected to be paid but agreed to accept a donation for GOES. The amount gives was almost exactly the sum requested by the teacher who had appealed to us. BAYBA, the exchange agency we use, operates on-line round the clock. I sent the money there and then, the head teacher collected it as soon as the office opened in a nearby town and the staff received their wages and so could feed their families. Job done.
Strange how things work out.
Best wishes,
Tom & Joyce.

PS Joyce hasn't become a vicar! She was giving a talk to Warrington History Society, which meets in Friars Green Church. The subject was the education of poor children in the 18th and 19th centuries. Quite appropriate when you consider the use their kind donation was put to!

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