Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Four Miles of Sunshine

Sunshine and the first bike ride of the year. Just a four mile round trip to collect the newspapers and wait while a group of highly intelligent ladies admire the bike. Lucy (the bike) is delighted to hear herself rated as the Daimler Majestic of the cycling world. Her wicker basket and canvas panniers were especially mentioned. She's back in her stable now, sipping elegantly at her 36volt recharger and exchanging small talk with Phil the Flymo, her electric cousin. I should ...take more care of Lucy: give up the pretence of writing books which nobody buys or reads or reviews.
I shall just laze around, waiting for warm sunny days and ride Lucy through the Cheshire lanes, smiling a silly smile as the Daimler of bikes hums gently along, attracting admiring glances as she goes!
There's room in her panniers for wine/biscuits/cake. Should I need a small guide dog one could be accommodated in the basket ...

Apologies to those of you who've already read this on Facebook. Life has been a bit frantic lately - will we be fit enough to travel (yes!) Will we be properly organised? (unlikely!) Can we pack everything we want to take to the hospital and clinic? (fingers crossed!)
There was an irritating delay while the doctors debated the wisdom of mixing some of our necessary medications (resolved!) And there's always the worry about getting to the airport in time without forgetting everything! (We generally do - fingers still crossed!)
So, four miles of sunshine were a great help!
There may well be a break in this blog for the next couple of weeks - Wi-Fi is a scarce commodity at times in West Africa!
Best wishes,
Tom & Joyce.

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