Monday, 27 October 2014

A day in the life of ...

... an old volunteer man!
Wednesday of last week we received a call for help from the family of a very poorly lady. Bus into town, draw the money, take it to B's Bank and pay it into the Bayba a/c. Or so I thought! Usually pay in over the counter to a human. This time, bank very busy so I decided to use the 'quick deposit' technology. Old man + new technology = dog's breakfast. Sure I'd done the right thing and I'm back on the bus for home. Call Bayba in UK, they accept the transfer, give me the transaction number which I text to the family of the poorly lady. They try a couple of times to collect from the local office in The Gambia but without success. Transaction number fine but money hasn't arrived. Spend most of Friday and Monday morning on the 'phone without being any wiser so this afternoon into town again and into the bank, where a lovely lady (L) sorts it all out without calling me names! Money paid directly to Bayba and collection arranged for tomorrow morning.

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