Sunday, 26 October 2014

Sorting scissors ...

Just a normal Sunday - cycle to the paper shop, buy paper, remember to pick up some yoghurt, cycle home, read paper.
 Remember a sack full  of medical equipment that needs sorting. How many types of scissor-like things can there be? Tip them out onto the bed and start 'sorting'. No two of the blessed things are the same. Some are a bit the same, or look it. But they're not! Some cut things but have different blades or handles. Some clamp together but don't cut. Some .... I give up! Consulted Google and tried to match 'scissors' to pictures. Probably not a good idea - pictures are labelled 'Kelly' or 'Hu-Friedly' or 'Venous' or 'Needle drivers' or 'Adso Tissue' or 'Hemeostatic' or ....
 Give up! Wrap them all up in clean cloth, pop them into Ziploc bags and into the first suitcase. Ten kg of shiny scissors. People in the clinics and hospitals in The Gambia will know exactly what they are for.
 There's another sack full of stainless steel things. I'll leave that till tomorrow!
Sold four 'Malinding' books yesterday - thanks to the buyers! Money goes straight from Amazon into the GOES bank account, where it won't stay for long!

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