Monday, 10 November 2014

Fingers crossed - it's going well!

Difficult typing with crossed fingers! We've arranged that the village clinic can have an adequate supply of anti-bacterial wipes and gel and gloves for the staff and hope soon to repeat the order for the patients. I think I've managed the on-line transfer system for sending money - well, it's worked once! Our friendly pharmacist keeps giving reliable advice so we feel well supported in these medical matters.
 We expect to collect our travel documents sometime this week, after a little difficulty concerning arriving at the hotel a day before the booking started ... what can go wrong? Just a little matter remaining about being able to pack all the goodies we've been given - medical stainless steel instruments weigh a ton!
Can't wait to be there - so many friends to see. This blog seems to be gaining interest - seventy-plus viewers one day last week!

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