Sunday, 4 August 2013

One of those weeks!

Well, it has been. The GOES bank balance was looking quite healthy for a while so we sent it out to work! We've made sure a bright young girl can continue her education, repaired the doors of a house to keep the snakes out, helped the family of a young man who has just lost his job - the sort of things GOES does. The support given by Vale Royal Writers and Liverpool's Dead Good Poets has been put to good use.
 I thought I had better do my bit and so I trooped off to Gladstone's Library to put in a hard day working on the new book. Found I'd arrived with a computer with a flat battery and without the mains lead to charge it. Drat, bother and trudget! Managed to get a little done in longhand but the arthritis which has nested in my hands limited that! Drat, etc. again! Still, the cake was good (coconut and chocolate, if you must know ...)
However, we've found a furniture restorer who can mend our wobbly chairs - but he's gone on holiday.
 Another worry is the rumour that Barclays Bank is giving up on money transfers is a bit worrying. We use BAYBA, which has been excellent over the years; quite low charges, good exchange rate and same day service if we pay in early enough. The paying in bit has been through Barclays Bank, here in Stockton Heath and Warrington, and we have used it for years without a single problem. Fingers crossed that it continues to work.
 Oh - nearly forgot; we get lots of requests for help towards buying a sheep from families who want to celebrate the end of Ramadan in style. Sorry, we can't help with this. I realise the importance of celebration after a long period of fasting but we just do not have the money to pay for highly priced sheep.
 The week ended sadly for us, attending the funeral  of a good man. I wished I had known him better, but I liked and enjoyed his company on the few occasions when I had the good fortune to share it. There's no tomorrow in this life.
 Sorry, sad note to end on - keep buying the Malinding ebooks and help build up GOES bank account again! 'Empty Bananas' is the first and the worst but I'm told the others are worth a read for $1 or 77p ...

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