Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Help GOES - help The Gambia!

Posted by PicasaGood things happen out of the blue! On Sunday we went up to Blackpool to meet Stuart (a friend we first met a few years ago in Kotu) and had a wonderful day during the course of which he presented us with a bag containing a host of colourful knitted baby clothes, donated by Elizabeth. They will be in The Gambia before Christmas, cheering up a good few babies and their mums!
Then, on Tuesday we collected some chairs which had been repaired by Patrick, a furniture restorer in Frodsham. You can see one of the chairs in the top photo - it's good to be able to sit down again while we eat! What is even better that he presented us with the pretty little tilt-top table with instructions to sell it and give the money to GOES! The table is late Victorian/early Edwardian and is in excellent condition (well, it is now that Patrick has worked his magic on it!)
People are so kind. Thanks to all the people I've mentioned here, and thaks to all those who have been buying the 'Malinding' books - I have no idea who you are but thanks - all proceeds go directly into the Charity Co-op bank account. Again, thanks to Stuart who has been gently persuading some of his friends to buy the books! (Hope those people are still his friends!) Thanks also to whoever you are in Japan who bought a copy of Mussukunda the other day!
I was back at Gladstone's Library at Hawarden today and yet another chapter of the latest book is down on paper. Well, to be honest, it's not down on paper - it's down on what ever the computer puts it!
Thanks for reading this - more soon.

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