Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Back to work!

Finally sorted out the Gift Aid claim for GOES. I really don't like trying to do important work on line, especially with a dodgy PC. J was away last week on a course and I'd promised myself to do the claim and then to relax with a few trips to local places I'd not visited for a long time. Not to be! I discovered that my wallet was missing; in it was the money for my car repairs and all my bits of plastic - bank cards, bus pass, driving licence, membership cards and , worst of all, a really nice picture of J; all were missing. So my time became very occupied. Nat West Bank very helpful - I could access my account two days later. Other institutions weren't so helpful - the Co-opBank least of all. I did manage a good day writing at Gladstone's Library (and a very nice cake ..!) but it was a very frustrating time.
 I suppose the good bit is that nobody tried to steal my identity (who would want to impersonate an absent-minded 77 year old?) but I do rather resent the theft of my time.
 Fingers crossed and hoping the Gift Aid claim goes through without too much bother; there are a number of good causes needing a helping hand. There are times when I feel that I'm too old for all this hassle and maybe I should finally retire and riot around a bit while I still can (total lie - I was never much good at rioting!)
 Sorry to moan but it's been one of those weeks!

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