Saturday, 2 March 2013

Reason for delay ...

Posted by PicasaWell, one of the reasons!  Lots of kind people have bought copies of this book, the sale of which goes straight into the GOES bank account - and usually straight out again to help someone some where in The Gambia. Some of the people who bought a copy pointed out that it could have been better produce - they were right! So, we withdrew it from Kindle and revised the the cover and the contents: hope you like it! As a thank-you we'll be offering it for free download (and as compensation to all the people who bought the first edition). All the 'Malinding' books have been withdrawn for similar reasons, and as soon as the editorial team (Amieo and Joyce, plus me) has completed the re-edit the books will be back on sale again.
 Health has been a bit of a problem for us too since we returned to the UK just before Christmas. We have spent too long in hospital waiting rooms with crossed fingers; worth it in the end because only minor faults emerged and we'll be back on track very soon.
 The matter of the missing money hasn't yet been resolved. Friends in the village concerned are looking into it and until that is resolved the village women will wait for their maize-mill. We hope they won't have to wait much longer because the mill will free them from a very onerous task, and enable a return to education for many of them, we hope.
We'll keep you posted - thanks for your patience - and thanks to Stuart for the push in the right direction ... 

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