Thursday, 5 April 2012


GOES aims to ease problems caused by poverty and ill-health. We believe in equality of access to education and health care. We help with grants towards the costs of school and college, medical treatment and provision of clean water supplies. We have provided mosquito nets, house repairs and grants towards setting up small businesses.
Helping people in The Gambia can be very rewarding. It's good to see a youngster, especially a girl, progressing through school and college towards a career which will help her, her family and local society.
We pay grants directly to the person, school or clinic. Any donation made to GOES does indeed go directly to where it is needed - we deduct nothing by way of 'expenses' or 'charges' or 'running costs' of any sort. If you give a pound or a penny it goes to a Gambian in need. We pay all the expenses of the charity, and when we visit the country we pay all our own expenses. 
We are in our seventies and running a charity is a full-time, exhausting, wonderful occupation! We're slowing down and we haven't changed the world. We haven't ended poverty or disease or discrimination, but, with your help, we've made a few steps on the way.
Thanks, from Joyce & Tom.

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