Saturday, 21 April 2012

Newsletter 2012/2

What happens when we're back in England?
Well, first of all we stop to get our breath back! There's a house to look after, friends and relations to be visited, books to be written and work started to provide things needed for our next trip. We're supposed to be a couple of retired old-age pensioners but we've never been so busy in our lives. The aches and pains of old age slow us down a bit but GOES keeps us on our toes. We're often asked 'What do you get out of it?' Well, apart from the joy of being able to help people the main benefit to us is that GOES brings us into contact with all manner of good people. Look at a newspaper or watch the TV news and you might think that the world is peopled with evil, narrow minded folk who only rejoice in the misfortunes of others.
We know that the world is not like that. We meet a constant stream of people who are good, tolerant and kind. From the couple who emptied their wallets for us at the airport on our way home last time to the people who have supported us, with funding or goods, ever since we started GOES, we can say that most people are good. Yes, of course there area few rogues - but they are in a tiny minority, both north and south of the Sahara!
A very special ‘thank you’ to all the good people at ‘SNIPS’! - the collection box by the till has, over the years, sent children to school,  managed hospital treatment for young and old, provided mosquito nets, helped to supply clean water to Mandinari  village clinic— well done, and thank you again!

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