Saturday, 21 April 2012

Newsletter 2012

How we raise money.
Collection boxes! These provide an important, steady income.
Sponsored events—Joyce raised over £200 last year by completing a 40km cycle ride. Hopes to repeat in 2012!
Sale of poetry and prose anthologies by Vale Royal Writers Group.  VRWG has loyally supported GOES since its inception.
Tom has written three books—travel romances—based on the typical but imaginary village of Malinding.  The books, Empty Bananas, Mussukunda and Stories for Gambian Children, are available on Amazon’s Kindle eBook site. Hopefully another book about Fatou Manneh, a village girl, will be added later in the year. All proceeds go direct to The Gambia without deduction for any sort of ‘expenses’.
Regular donations from family and friends, some by standing orders from the donor’s bank accounts. Visiting our web site  -
www.  -gives access to the information needed to contribute this way.  Our blog -  - is updated regularly.

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