Monday, 8 September 2008

What's Going On?

Sorry for the lack of news - we are awake and working! We have been sending aid to Bundung, Bakau and Mandinari. Our friends have received money for rice, school fees, text books and uniforms. One of our students has returned to complete her degree in Kampala, two more are starting at college to study I.T., another couple have received medical treatment and we are waiting to hear from a village school how we can help with repairs.
The income from friends, Gift Aid and the anthology has been invaluable. Tom is dithering about going out in the Autumn, having missed the April visit. Sometimes it seems that the money has a greater value than our presence, but it is nice to see friends!
We've also adopted 'easysearch" as our search engine. Each search using it instead of Google donates a tiny sum to GOES. It's quite easy to employ - search for 'easysearch', select Gambian Occasional Emergency Support from the second page of the drop-down menu and away you go! We've earned 9p already.
Our main operation is coping with emergencies but we are often asked to find sponsors for children. We can arrange this but please remember that it's an ongoing commitment for several years. Send us an email if you would like to become involved.
So, we have been busy after all! In our spare time (!) we are learning to ride a tandem, write poems and stories, and Tom is trying to complete the novel (about The Gambia, need you ask!)
Latest news letter is out now, please request a copy.
Best wishes,
Joyce & Tom.

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