Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Terry Waite at St. Deiniol's Library

We had the great good fortune to hear Terry Waite speak on Sunday Evening. His topic was "Hope" and he spoke, very simply, from the heart. He used some of Gladstone's words, such as
"I was myself brought up to believe that salvation depended absolutely upon the reception of a particular and very narrow creed. But long, long, have I cast those weeds behind me" and
"We look forward to the time when the power of love will replace the love of power ... Nothing that is morally wrong can be politically right."
He spoke of his 1,763 days in captivity, torture, mock execution without rancour.
I'm not given to any religious persuasion and I feel that I have been left behind by modern politics but I felt very much at home listening to this man. Just as I feel at home in the company of my friends, such as those in the picture below.

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