Saturday, 27 September 2008

Keeping in touch.

I wish! I wish there was a simple, reliable and inexpensive way to keep in touch with friends in The Gambia. In some places, Bakau for instance, it's rarely a problem. In others, Lamin, Mandinari, Bansang and Wassu, it's a rare day 'phone calls get through. The postal service is erratic too. Sometimes a letter takes a week, sometimes it takes three months and sometimes ...
Oddly, the Gambian girl we help with her food bills in Kampala, much further away, receives our calls, texts and emails very successfully. We like to keep in touch with friends we've made out there although the customary answer to questions about a Gambian's health is "Fine!" even though you suspect they are on their death-bed!
Funds are coming in, not flooding but flowing nicely. Ebay is helping us to clear the shed and attic, raise funds and meet some great people. The Newsletter helps friends keep in touch and writing the Gambian novel keeps me out of mischief. 2008 maybe hasn't been a brilliant year for health for either of us but recoveries are being made as are plans for the future of GOES. Tom hopes to go out towards the end of the year. Keep you posted, people.
Any questions?

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