Saturday, 15 March 2008

Quick update!

What's going on? Alagie, the boy with the bad leg has been to the hospital again and been examined by a team of three doctors. The report is much the same as previous reports but does arrange for another meeting early in April which will hopefully set a date for an operation. There was a little confusion because of an error on his certificate but that has been sorted out. His parents have worked very hard to improve his care and we have supplied a water filter and several towels for his exclusive use. He continues to take the tablets and we hear that he is now in less pain. He went to see the local boys play football a couple of days ago which was a bit of a treat as he has rarely been out of his compound since he became ill.
Meanwhile the pile of goodies grows in our spare room - clothing, medical supplies, pencils & books grow. I haven't heard yet from Thomas Cook about an increased baggage allowance but fingers remain crossed!

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