Sunday, 2 March 2008

Back with us ...

Sorry to have been out of touch for a while- blame ageing bones and stupidity! Determined to demonstrate that I didn't have the 'flu I went for a long bike ride, became very cold & lost voice, ability to stand up and sulked for a few days in bed. Drat!
Back to what passes as 'normal' now, so lots of calls to The Gambia, letters, counting pennies and planning the next trip (late April).
The boy's leg appears to be responding to regular antibiotics, and there has been a conference between three doctors to decide when to operate. We've paid for yet another medical report, and expressed our continued support for him so maybe something will happen in the very near future.
One of the advantages of being a "micro-charity" is that we know personally everybody we deal with, we can, with their permission, put Gambians in touch with their sponsors - we can facilitate exchange of letters & e-mails and have been able to suggest how sponsors can visit the friends they have made. Not everybody wants to, of course. Many people are willing to give GOES the money and leave us to get on with it, and it's great to be trusted, but the chance is there if wanted!
We repeat the promise that ALL money given to GOES goes to needy people in The Gambia - we don't deduct anything for our expenses, travel costs, offices in Park Lane, a fleet of 4x4s,
or anything else. We love what we're doing and will do it as long as we can.
We are a charity registered with H.M.R & C for Gift Aid (we can claim 28% extra on donations made from taxable income) but at the moment we're just below the Charity Commission's lower income level of £5,000 pa for registration with them. Hopefully we'll soon be above this level.
Many thanks to everybody who has helped us or expressed interest and support. We have no political or religious affiliation. It just seems a good idea to do what we are doing. We would welcome your comments.

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