Sunday, 30 March 2008

Not cooking the books - just trying to find them!

Sorry for the silence but we have been rather busy. We are sorting our finaces out for presentation to H.M. Revenue & Customs in order to claim Gift Aid. The forms are simple enough but sadly my 'system' of leaving myself notes on scraps of paper (going green is my excuse) odd notebooks and so on drives Joyce crackers. Thank goodness she's more methodical than I am. My habit of receiving an application is to pay out the cash and assume that money to back the pay-out will arrive somehow or other generally works. I don't know how it works but it does! We even have money (not a lot, but some) in hand. Just as well because I'm visiting The Gambia in April and there will be needy people there. I was reading on the Jubilee Debt Campaign website that The Gambia has at last completed the International Debt cancellation process which will wipe out 140 million dollars of debt. Considering that poverty is endemic in the country - about a third of the population undernourished and 60% living on LESS than a dollar a day - the country could not service its debts let alone spend money on improving health and education. Fingers crossed that conditions will improve but I guess G.O.E.S. will be needed for a long time yet.
So thanks to all the people who support us - family, friends, our favourite coffee shop, my barber and all the wonderful people in Vale Royal Writers Circle who are backing our work with the income from sales of the 'Cheshire Collection' anthology.
Meanwhile the accounts need completing and the spare bed groans under the weight of books, medical supplies and goodness knows what else and I wait for a letter from the airline allowing a few extra kgs baggage!
Back to it!

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