Monday, 19 January 2015


We would like to acknowledge and thank the people and organisations which have assisted GOES to offer help to Gambians in need. They are, in no particular order;
  • friends, neighbours and family
  • members of Vale Royal Writers' Group and Liverpool Dead Good Poets
  • The Forge Medical Centre, Stockton Heath
  • Brown's Chemist, Stockton Heath
  • Boots Opticians and Blackpool Salvation Army for the donation of hundreds of pairs of reading glasses
  • Juicy Bikes of Buxton, for the donation of cycling accessories which we sold to raise funds for a clinic
  • Superdrug, Warrington
  • Gladstone's Library, Hawarden
  • Thomas Cook, Warrington
  • everybody who has bought a copy of any of the Malinding series of Kindle books
  • Badala Park Hotel, Kotu
  • Keluntang, our local agent, Amadou, our driver, and all our other Gambian friends.
Thank you all: we're getting a little long in the tooth but, with your help, we'll keep going as long as we can!
Best wishes to all of you - may 2015 bring you good health, long life and happiness.
Tom & Joyce

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