Friday, 16 January 2015

Mr Micawber was right!

If I remember my Dickens' novels Mr Micawber* was the chap who believed that something, probably good, would turn up. People who run charities, especially the small variety, tend to have great faith that something good will eventually happen. It generally does.
I was banging on last week about the vast majority of people being good, honest, trustworthy and caring. It seems that one of our Gambian friends was very ill last week and had to be admitted to hospital. It was a schoolgirl, daughter of a neighbour, who decided to inform us and ask for help. She sent us a text message in her very best English, gave details very clearly, collected the money from the Exchange office (first time she'd done it), took the money to the lady, paid the bills for X-rays, went to the dispensary with the prescription, paid for that and finally found a taxi to take the patient home. Not bad for a twelve year old.  I had suggested that the girl keep any change but she spent it on food for the family.
 We simply provided the means for this young lady to do good. We might have been ripped off, cheated, been conned. But we weren't. She trusted us to help, we trusted her to behave honestly. It works. She's from a different culture, a different religion: differences don't matter. The similarities are what count. I wish we could help everyone who asks - we can't. We can only hope, like Wilkins Micawber, that something will turn up - and it often does. Happy New Year. Remember, differences don't count - similarities do!

*A character in 'David Copperfield', 1850.

P.S. You might like to help by buying one (or more!) of the Malinding series of e-books. They are about life in an imaginary Gambian village. All proceeds from sales goes directly to GOES bank account and from there out to The Gambia to help people in need. Thank you.

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