Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Research - hope it produces results!

Our favourite café has closed (fellow writers will understand the importance of have a comfortable place to write!) and the search begins to find another place which provides good coffee and cake, tables large enough to hold the coffee and cake and a laptop (and a socket to plug it into) and a couple of reference books - and without canned 'muzak' blaring out. The management of the shop should also be willing to let GOES have a collecting box on view. 'Hatter's Café' was perfect in all respects and we are sad that it's closed. The friendly staff were a delight to meet and we wish them well in their search for new jobs.
 Our visit at the weekend to Gladstone's Library produced 2,737 new words for the fifth Malinding book, good cake and coffee but as the Library is itself a Charity we can't expect them to display our collecting box - and it's a bit too far to drive to every day.
 We visited another café in a large chain store yesterday - if had large enough tables but everything else was terrible! The research continues ...
 On a more immediate front we continue to support the young woman who is having medical treatment, school fees for the youngsters have been paid, we have sadly had to decline help to several other people, even though they have good reason to request it - we just don't have the money. And we don't pay out for shopping sprees in Senegal either!
 We're co-operating with the humanitarian aid of another organisation which operates in The Gambia, and we're going begging among our friends for more reading glasses, first-aid stuff and mobile phones.
 Thanks for reading my ramblings again!
Best wishes,

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