Monday, 3 June 2013

Do we need a jumble sale?

What we need is a fund raiser! Hopefully HMRC will soon provide a tax refund. That will mend a hole in the fund bucket - cash has been flowing out just a little faster than it's been flowing in recently. Thanks very much to VRWG and Stuart and his friends who have kept the good ship GOES afloat! You know who you are!
The most upsetting part of running a charity is having to say 'no' to people you know have very good reason for asking for help. They are the cause of us worrying our selves awake at night.
 Still, for the moment, we plod on. We've booked flights for our next visit to The Gambia - roll on November!
 If you happen to have a box full of old reading glasses we know a good home for them - Mandinari village clinic! One young woman was given a 'Distinction' for an exam - without the gift of a suitable pair of reading glasses she wouldn't have been able to read the questions! (Yes, a bit of an exaggeration but you know what I mean!)
 We really miss the heat of the sub-Saharan sun, and the smiles of our friends there. Go and see for yourselves, if you can - but be aware: the crocodiles and the mosquitoes bite, but Africa bites harder and won't let go! We went the first time 'just to have a bit of a look and to say we've been' - twenty (or is it thirty?) visits later we're still going ...

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