Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Decision made!

Right: 'Empty Bananas' goes on free offer in the next day or so. It's a Kindle e-book so you can download it from Amazon e-books. You don't need a Kindle Reader or a tablet; you can download a free Kindle app  and then you have access to all Kindle books from your PC or laptop. 'Empty Bananas' is the first book in the 'Malinding' series - you can find all four books if you search for 'Malinding'.
In Empty Bananas you meet most of the people who feature in the rest of the books. I'll repeat - all the characters (bar the girl I mentioned in the previous post) are creatures of my imagination. If you follow the directions the Malinding village you'll get very wet - I positioned it in the River Gambia, just beyond Mandinari village (which does exist!) Most of the other places I mention do exist- Banjul (the capital), Bakau (a fishing village), Kotu and Kololi and Serrekunda and Basse and ... all are real, all are worth a visit and I have been told that the Malinding books can be used as holiday guides (just don't try to visit Malinding!)
People with keen eyes and a good memory will note that certain English characters who play an important part in 'Empty Bananas' do not feature in the next three books - don't worry, you'll meet them again in the next, and possibly final, book in the series. I'm still writing it! Hopefully you'll be able to be re-united with them later this year.
The books are priced at 77p (1$), of which Amazon keep 42p and the writer's share, 35p, goes straight into the bank account of the charity Gambian Occasional Emergency Support. You might say it goes to GOES ...
Happy reading, and do think about a holiday to The Gambia one day!

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